I'm a Denver-based author and career educator. My works span varyious genres---from children's step-readers and fables to health-related books and articles, to nonfiction/biographies and my current project, a young adult sci-fi/adventure story (working title: The WhereWhen Transport). A unifying thread in my work is the overarching aim to bridge the "otherness" most of us feel at times, to explore the commonalities between and among us which (my best, most optimistic side believes) far outweigh our differences.
Beyond this theme, I also love dabbling in the unknown, unseen aspects of life. As Shakespeare's Hamlet expressed, I believe that "There are  more things in heaven and earth. . . . than are dreamt of in your philosophy."  Towards this end, I study esoteric texts and listen to illuminated thinkers (see my "Recommended Resources" page for more on this. My short story "The Demon in the Mirror," published in A.J. Dalton's  Book of Demons (Kristell Ink, U.K. 2021), touches on some of the more metaphysical themes. You can read my interview with Sirius Editorial here.
During this holiday season, I've thought a lot about the nature of light. I realized that we are all drawn to the light in part due to our ancient connection to it. As Moby put it, "We are all made of stars." Read my latest blog post on the topic here
Most of all, thanks  for visiting--and please send me a note if you feel inclined to share feedback or other musings, will you?
May the Winter Solstice find you glowing from within.  

 How does one move a mountain?

Write it into words,

and set it free to roam 


through the ages. 


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Sept. 2021

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