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Same House, Other Rooms


Elyn Joy's Writing Life, Ridiculously Abridged


The Boulder Flatirons 

Photo taken by the author near Denver, Colorado USA

Elyn Joy is an American author from Denver, Colorado. The mountains are among the great loves in her life. She is ever enthralled with learning and growing and keeps a stack of (mostly science nerdy) books on her nightstand.


Elyn's published works include the recently released Book of Demons (A.J. Dalton, 2021), in which her story, "The Demon in the Mirror" appears; she's also published two children’s books, Everyone Has a Point of View (2018) and Once Upon a Pigeon and Other Retold Fables (C.R. Success Learning/Barnes & Noble, 2017); two health education books, The Gluten-Free Parent’s Survival Guide (2019) and The Gluten-Free Teen’s Survival Guide (2021); a series of personal biographies; and several articles for health/lifestyle magazines in the U.S. and Canada (including Gluten-Free Living, Simply Gluten-Free, and Whole Foods Magazine, among others).

Currently, Elyn is writing for an international thought leader. She's also working on independent projects including an article entitled "Love Affair with my 'Hood" for a Colorado magazine, Everyone Shares the Same Address (the sequel to Everyone Has a Point of View), and a sci-fi YA novel, The WhereWhen Transport. Her new nonfiction book is also in the development phase (we'd tell you more, but the Witness Protection Bureau is pretty booked right now).

Whatever the project, Elyn tends to fight for—and write for—the misunderstood "other," be it human, animal, or, as recent writings suggest, even demons. ;)

Most of all, she hopes to bridge the divisions between and among us--and, in doing so, to help build a better world for those to come.

Same House, Different Rooms...

Elyn Joy as Editor

And Educator

And Academic

Elyn's editing work has given her the great honor of working with renowned author Joanne Greenberg (I Never Promised You a Rose Garden), as well as with international thought leader Scott Friedman (Celebrate: Lessons Learned from the World's Most Admired Organizations), and many other individual writers and organizations.

Throughout her decades-long teaching career, Elyn Joy taught literature, journalism, and creative writing to students at varying ages and stages. Her education-oriented books include the children's book and reader (see "Published Works") and a vast array of shorter educational books, curricular texts, and teacher training materials.  

In 2020, Elyn Joy earned her MA in Writing (graduating "with distinction" from Middlesex University of London.

She also has a B.A. in English and a B.S. in Communications from The University of Texas. 

Yet of all her educational accomplishments, the one Elyn treasures the most is the one each of us has access to at all times: that of personal curiosity and observation, along with the desire to never stop learning or growing. 

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