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   Everyone has a Point of View:
       A foundational book for teaching empathy & understanding

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"Everyone has a point of view...and to itself, each one is true."


Big Ideas for Young MindsThough written simply for early reader accessibility, the book's theme is a leap towards higher-level, abstract understanding of the value inherent in every living being. "Thinking Ladder" questions and activities, informed by Benjamin Bloom's Taxonomy of Learning, challenge and expand young minds to consider others' perspectives in light of their own.


This simple, whimsically illustrated poetic journey takes us across cultures, ages, and places--connecting people, animals, and even aspects of nature as a web of unique experience, each worthwhile in its subjectivity, whether or not we understand or agree with it.

Whether for bed time, story time, or class time, Everyone has a Point of View is a book meant to help set young minds on a course towards bridging the gap between the "me" and the "other."

CURRENT PROJECT (sequel): Everyone Shares the Same Address

This book shows how, despite our seeming distance from one another (be in physical or social/experiential), we all share the same planet. Therefore, when we care for one place we are essentially caring for the entire world.

The "Big Ideas" of childhood come all too often through news of tragedy and destruction. Let us not forget to teach beyond fear. Let us remember to teach the essential lessons from the moment our children begin to understand the words themselves. 
So please, pay attention to what your child watches, hears, sees, and reads. She is the mind of the future, and she deserves to live in hope, joy, and optimism for the next tomorrow, and the next.
"What heaven can be more real than to retain the
spirit-world of childhood?  - Beatrix Potter
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